New Home for Editorial Illustrations

As most of you know by now, my fire service editorials are now being published in Fire Engineering magazine. Well, beginning next week, I’ll be exclusive to FE and begin publishing my web commentary, twice a month, on, too. It’s an exciting time for me and I feel the bar has been raised with this partnership. I will post the link when my first cartoon goes live.

4 thoughts on “New Home for Editorial Illustrations

  1. It actually happened in reverse, for me. I've been publishing for years, first as an editorial cartoonist, then fire service editorial illustrator – the blog thing happened by accident. I'm not one to discuss every aspect of my art, so opening up on a blog is still a bit uncomfortable for me.I hope this answered your question!


  2. Paul that is great insight, man! It is pretty interesting to know that you started as publisher first. As far as discussing every aspect of your art is concerned, I understand your position. However, do you have any general suggestions about developing as an artist that I could run with?


  3. Be original, be original, be original! There are way too many cookie-cutter illustrators and cartoonists creating the same tired metaphors. Bring something to the table that is uniquely you and reflects your personality. It's also very helpful to find a niche where you don't normally find illustrations or cartoons (e.g., the fire service). That was obviously a natural choice for me, but perhaps there's something in your background that you can play upon.The only other "advice" I can pass along is, draw every day. It keeps you fresh and "in the game".


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