September Fire Post

Never, ever forget!

My first illustration has been posted as the featured commentary. This is the first of many, many illustration to come. I will be producing two illustrations per month and sincerely hope to have your feedback and comments. Whether you like the commentary, or not, it’s meant to spur introspective thought and healthy conversation and debate. Let’s go…

With my first post coming so close to another sobering 9/11 milestone, I thought it only appropriate to bring light to another growing tragedy – post 9/11 illness. Like a left hook after the sucker punch, the death toll from that awful day keeps rising. “Never forget” is most often associated with the 343 FDNY Brothers lost on that terrible day. Please, never forget that the pain, suffering, and memories still linger with those who worked the aftermath.

1 thought on “September Fire Post

  1. Thanks Paul,Your art shows that we still must work with the famlies of that horrific day. Yes, we lost 343 brothers that day but the sickness and the lack of attention by the government on the care that all first responders got is only going to add to that number.Doc '6238'


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