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Ahhhh, I can smell the BBQ already! And of course, you gotta have blues with BBQ!


What’s In Your Trash?

We’ve all seen the ever present Capital One commercials with their famous “what’s in your wallet?” catch-line. Some are cute, most are just annoying, but while sketching in front of the TV one evening, it sparked a commentary twist.

I wanted to create something for the Holidays and tie in a New Year’s resolution for this particular post, so I began thinking about what I may want to change for the upcoming year. I want to spend more time with my family (points from my wife and daughter), attend at least three Officer training/strategy classes (points from my Crew), get in better shape…. ah, yes, that’s the one!! Except for a small percentage of those firehouse gym-rats who can claim near Adonis-like physiques, better fitness is something we can all strive for and will most likely set as a goal for 2010. Now, I work out, I’m a novice runner and cyclist, and a damn good tennis player – unfortunately, I’m also a late-night, junk-food junkie. Embarrassing to admit, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I’m not alone here.

So, I had my topic, it was just a matter of finding a way to get my point across in an effective, yet entertaining way. Enter our two little scourging friends. It would have been too easy just to have a couple of firefighters discussing nutrition. I wanted the humor to come from an outside voice, and it works perfectly with the raccoons possessing a wisdom about a subject we take for granted. The very thought of the raccoon being repulsed about our eating habits, a creature that will eat anything, is funny to me – and, I hope, an effective tool to make you re-think what is in your refrigerator, cupboards, and of course – what’s in your trash!

Let’s all make better nutrition and fitness a goal for 2010!