Little Indian Bear Princess, all grown up!

This is a drawing I did of daughter when she was seven. She posed in our back yard before going to a Halloween party where she would grace the floor as the Indian Bear Princess. It was a fun costume, Pocahontas dress, with moccasin slippers and a stuffed bear rug on her head. Add a few turkey feathers we found while hiking, and voila – the Princess had her crown!

I post this for the simple reason that my little Indian Bear Princess turns sixteen in a couple of months and I’m feeling very nostalgic (and old), besides, it’s just a fun image to look at. We should all put a bear rug on our heads from time to time and forget life’s little demands. So, I think I’ll put on my old fuzzy gorilla slippers (Oggo and Toggo – yes, I named them) and watch some good ol’ westerns today.

Firefighter Monopoly game

This game has been on the selves for a few months now, and from what I’ve been told, it’s doing well. I gave one each to my Crew as a Christmas gift, and they loved it. For my part, it was an extremely fun project to work on and I’m excited about some future projects with Go Forward Media (stay tuned). I’ve included a link to the game as well as a close-up of the tray illustration. But I must say the best part was creating the chance cards – what fun!!!

Go to to purchase your copy.