Thought I’d post a few comments that I’ve received about my book Drawn By Fire – the response has been terrific. Thanks to all!!


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Just had to say, “Great work!”
Those training and leadership observations were so on-target they hurt.
Well done.
AWESOME!  I just received a copy of ‘Drawn by Fire’ and print # 99/100. As a gift for being selected Fire Training Instructor of the Year by my department, my Battalion Chief blessed me with a copy. He’s heard me talk about your illustrations so much and seen the samples I have in my office that he was compelled to honor me with a copy.
I try not to contact you every time I am inspired by your cartoons, but I had to email you again. ‘Preventable LODD’ is my all time favorite.  I’m the physical training instructor and I teach a LODD class. Needless to say, all of our recruits have seen that illustration.
I compliment and encourage you to continue to share the sentiment of the fire department through your incredible gift.
Paul, I’ve looked through the book Bro, outstanding work! It’s another training tool I can add to my toolbox thanks to you. It looks great, my 21 year old daughter, big on drawing, not big on fire stuff, was looking through it and liked and understood the work my friend. To me, that speaks volumes of the way this book turned out!
INCREDIBLE!!! I’ve seen your work for years – but to see it in such detail brings it all to life. The leadership cartoons are spot-on! Great Job Brother!

Hey Paul, I got my book and Print, and I can’t put it down, Amazing and is an awesome book…I didn’t realize I had missed so many, I got #37/100. You truly have a way of capturing the thoughts, pride and tradition of our job…..Great Job Brother can’t wait for the next one…

You did it again – I have used your work in classes for years and can honestly say they teach our lessons very well. you make us smile and laugh – and cry and get angry. Thanks for the gift of your cartoons brother! 
Ouch! These editorial cartoons sting – and thank you for doing them. We can all learn something from your work. BTW – I received a print too – AWESOME!

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