If you carry a cell phone these days, you carry a camera and video recorder, too. Technology has made life recordable, anywhere, anytime, even when it’s inconvenient or inappropriate! Take a moment to notice bystanders on your next MVA or structure fire; my guess is you’ll see plenty of cell phones out recording our every move. This is the technological world we live in – it’s the new reality.
Unfortunately, firefighters carry these devices, too – and it has caused some serious problems. Whether for fun, curiosity, or to fill some narcissistic need for acceptance – firefighters are recording scenes that should never be captured. Even if you’re intentions were to lever release those images from your cell phone, bad things have a way of happening to inappropriate behavior. We’ve seen this happen before with its tragic aftermath for the fireman and the families involved!

Needless to say, these videos and photos should never be posted on the internet. Make no mistake, once you post something on a social media site, there’s no pulling the strings to get it back. It’s out there, forever – and people ARE watching!  You can’t control the monster once it is out of the box, so why create the monster at all.

Best policy: Leave the phone in your pocket or on the rig! Besides, don’t you have something better to do?!