2012 Calendar Is On The Launch Pad!

Calendar is on the launch pad!! It will be an 8.5×11 (folded) calendar showcasing 12 editorial cartoons not published in Drawn By Fire. Also, I wanted to make this more than just a calendar for dates, but a learning and teaching tool, too. So, the calendar will have over 50 important dates, fires, and events included for further research – plus Holidays. It is my hope that everyone will research these fires/events and learn their historical significance to the greatest profession in the world.

This year’s cover will mirror the book’s! And the inside design is fun, too – but I’ll save that for a later post. Still no word on exact availability date, but I can tell you that a certain number will be signed and numbered as limited editions.

I will post when I know specifics!! Thanks everybody for helping make this possible!!!


Saw this young lady in a Barnes and Noble, and besides her looks, what struck me was how her hair moved without any external force – as if it had a life of its own. It seemed to swirl and flow against all natural law of motion and gravity – fun!!

THE FIRE LINE: Daddy’s Little Girl

Oh, the things children repeat!

Like many of you, my child grew up in the firehouse – and this is something that I hope she says with a tremendous amount of pride. The station has been her refuge, playhouse, babysitter, and many times, her entertainment. All too often my daughter hung out in the back room watching TV while we gathered to discuss training, debrief from an incident, or just shoot the bull. Unfortunately, guys being guys, the language and jokes were not always “kid friendly” – all to her mother’s horror, I’m sure! We whimsically explained it away as “firehouse talk” and it was NEVER to be repeated – and then prayed she bought it:)


Working two months in advance for Fire Engineering magazine can be a bit tricky with timely material like the cartoon above – especially when the material is so emotionally charged. Funny thing is, working that far in advance I sometimes forget what I’ve submitted – hey, I’m getting older!! However, when I received my copies of Fire Engineering in the mail today, it all came rushing back – there it was on page 34 staring back at me! I’ve never claimed to be prophetic, but I think subconsciously this cartoon said everything about 9/11 that I felt deep down inside but never wanted to admit.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like that day – staring up at those burning Towers. Can’t imagine the horrors that our Brothers witnessed. Can’t imagine seeing, hearing, and feeling those same Towers fall. And I can’t imagine working endless hours and days looking for my firehouse family within the debris. My heart literally breaks for them and their families!

The emotional wounds are healing, but the scar is still very real!