Friday Drawing

Observed this “teen” at a bookstore recently walking around with a BIG chip on his shoulder – angry at the world! Couldn’t resist capturing the glance he shot my way:)

2 thoughts on “Friday Drawing

  1. Just received a message from a fellow artist who noticed the date written on the drawing. My sketch book goes wherever I do, and when I see something that excites the senses I do a quick impression/sketch of the person to capture the moment. Later, when I have time to fuss (sometimes weeks later), I finish the drawing from memory. I find it's a great exercise for quick sketching and visual memorization.Anyway, I always date the drawing from the moment the impression was formed – I figure that's its birthday:)


  2. Is it wrong, Paul, to want to draw everything you draw. I’ve been following you for many years now. It started on Cagle’s site, and I lamented the day you bowed out of the political cartoon arena. I still look for your work from time to time, and I love just looking at your Firefighter work. You are incredibly gifted, and I’m sure have worked very hard, as an artist. I’d rather stare at, and emulate your work, than anything I’ve seen in the Louvre (and I’m not discounting that work either). This was a great piece, and it captured the contempt beautifully. You make me want to keep drawing, Thanks for all you’ve contributed with your work, especially to the Firefighting community, which doesn’t probably realize how blessed they are to have such an artist and thinker advocating so steadfastly for their well being.


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