Working two months in advance for Fire Engineering magazine can be a bit tricky with timely material like the cartoon above – especially when the material is so emotionally charged. Funny thing is, working that far in advance I sometimes forget what I’ve submitted – hey, I’m getting older!! However, when I received my copies of Fire Engineering in the mail today, it all came rushing back – there it was on page 34 staring back at me! I’ve never claimed to be prophetic, but I think subconsciously this cartoon said everything about 9/11 that I felt deep down inside but never wanted to admit.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like that day – staring up at those burning Towers. Can’t imagine the horrors that our Brothers witnessed. Can’t imagine seeing, hearing, and feeling those same Towers fall. And I can’t imagine working endless hours and days looking for my firehouse family within the debris. My heart literally breaks for them and their families!

The emotional wounds are healing, but the scar is still very real!


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