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THE FIRE LINE: Off Duty Rule #1

Autumn in the Great Lakes. Cool crisp air, leaves brilliant in their Fall splendor, slight frost on the morning horizon – and the sound of distant gun fire blowing the be-jesus out of a poor, gentle deer!

Ok, ok, so I’m not a hunter – all the more reason to have some fun at their expense:) We have plenty in my department who are, and this time of year always brings stories of hunting glory and tales of wilderness uber-tracker excellence. It’s always fun to listen and watch the exuberance of the storyteller, too. In many ways I’ve always envied this lifestyle and skill.

However, firemen being firemen, if given the chance we’d take fire-power and hunting to a whole new level of sporting excellence. It’s what we do, right? Take something that works just fine and “improve” upon it.

…and be honest, who wouldn’t want to fire a Deer Bazooka! Our Brothers In Blue would be soooo jealous:)