2 thoughts on “Blog Talk Radio

  1. I ran across this website as II was searching for a Firefighter related Christmas card to include in a newsletter for the Providence VFD in Weddington, NC. The newsletter will highlight the accomplishments of the fire department, bringing the residents up to date on events to save the station from shutting down, and requesting donations. I will be giving donors the option to allow the department to pass on a portion of their donations to the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundations. The Providence Fire Department has been fighting to save itself and recently was able to convince the Town of Weddington to create a resolution and take control over its fire services. Union County (for political reasons) has not agreed to recognize the right of the town to govern vital services but according to our state law we are hopeful that the town can act on its own.

    In any event, I would LOVE to include one or more of your fantastic illustrations in the newsletter. I don’t know how much you would charge, so if you w ould let me know how I can obtain your permission I would be most appreciative. The newsletter will be going to about 1450 residents at this time. Later, once the transition has taken place (this time next year) the distribution will have grown to about 4300 residents.

    Look forward to hearing from you…. your illustrations are amazing and would add so much to the newsletter and provide some well needed humor for the firefighters.

    Go to: SaveProvidenceVFD.org to learn more about the struggle our fire department has been dealing with.

    Be well.

    Judy Johnston
    Weddington, NC


  2. Hi Paul,

    Still trying to get in touch and ask for permission to use a couple of your illustrations in a newsletter for the Providence fire department in Weddington, NC. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Judy Johnston


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