Hollywood movie plots can be so far removed from reality that the viewer has to wonder which planet the protagonist and antagonist are actually playing out their epic conflicts. Mega-bombs, apocalyptic super viruses, shoot-outs were no one runs out of ammunition, or an insane high speed chase through congested city streets. All so extravagant in their role playing that you’re left with a sense of disbelief and amazement (if not nausea) at the utter silliness of how Hollywood interprets modern conflict. But hey, what’s a superhero without a super villain and super conflict, eh? That’s what makes it fun!

Unfortunately, the modern day domestic superheroes – firefighters, EMS, and police officers are fighting their own epic battles without the special effects glamour and dramatic music of our movie guardians. The villains, however, are very real and very dangerous.

In Gotham, Batman is the dark guardian who protects the vulnerable citizens with is wit, technology, and understanding of the criminal mind. He protects without pay, union intervention, wanted attention or political gain – the perfect protector. However, set this Hollywood plot in any “real” city and Batman’s actions would garner politically motivated elected officials to cut paid emergency responders under the semblance of saving tax-payer dollars. Tax dollars collected, in part, to pay for the protection of emergency responders‚Ķ it’s a vicious revolving plot played out in nearly every city in the U.S. and Canada. After all, if Batman is willing to protect Gotham’s citizens for free, why pay for first responders?

Makes you wonder which of Gotham’s fictitious villains actually occupy your, very real, City Hall.

Batman, where are you?!




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