App For That

Hello, my name is Paul Combs. I am a firefighter NREMT-B and I have a problem relating to my patient’s emotional and physical needs.

There, I’ve said it publicly, you’ve read it on social media, and I can now begin my personal growth. It’s that easy, right? I wish!

EMS care has been a struggle for me. Not the training, certifications, continuing education, or sometimes violent scenes we respond to – it’s the genuine caring and sympathy/empathy for the people in my care. I am gentle, thorough, and provide the absolute best care I am capable of giving – I simply have a hard time caring (and it shows, I’m sure). Is this wrong? Well, it feels like it should be. I’ve seen other EMT/paramedics show the same lack of caring and it bothers me.

Our patients deserve our best, and that means overcoming the outward appearance of apathy. It is our job to provide care (customer service); it is our responsibility as participants of the human race and members of the fire service to show caring. And no, they don’t make an App for that – you, and I, have to work at it!

Take care, stay safe, and ALWAYS make a difference.


Click link below to see more of Paul’s work or to order prints:




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