Just-Ladders-PostPlacing a ladder during an incident is not the time to wish you would’ve trained more on ladders! It’s a simple tool, but one of the most important tools on your rig. So many tactical and safety factors are based on you being proficient with this large, heavy, and cumbersome piece of equipment. In fact, the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters, and the lives of the public we are sworn to protect, hinge on you knowing what, when, and where to place your ladders. Anybody who has participated in my BFD Academy classes knows how serious I am about ladder use and tactics.

It’s not an ornament – get it off your rig and train, train, train!


Proud to finally post my first JEMS editorial cartoon – Ironic Response. I submit cartoons to the journal two months in advance, so this has been a hard one to sit on without sharing.

Let’s get healthy and fit so we can be there to save others, before somebody has to save us!



I am equally sickened and emboldened by yesterday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo that killed 12 in Paris (plus more today, I hear). Ironically, more people have seen the “offending” cartoons because of the actions of these terrorists than would have ever noticed before. Freedom of expression, freedom to speak, freedom to draw, and the freedom to act will always prevail over tyranny and fear!

Quick drawing, but I think it sums up my mood and resolve!