Ah, yes, the keyboard know-it-alls are out in force these days with timely social media advice and suggestions about topics they may know very little about. Be skeptical of where you get your EMS and fire news, training, tactics, and opinions from – trust, but always verify.


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It is our obligation to share our experience and what we know. It was certainly done for us when we first walked through those firehouse doors, so we owe nothing less to the new faces starting their fire service journey. Be the mentor, the voice of experience, and the guiding hand to usher in a new generation of firefighters and EMTs – they are listening and watching. Pass it forward!


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Daily DRAWN BY FIRE – This illustration was first published in 2010. I find it heartbreaking, discouraging, and infuriating that I can republish it today!  The Zadroga Act is not a political football for the House to fumble – contact your Congressional rep and demand they stand up for what’s right. This illustration and message has been forwarded to my Congressman Bob Latta (R) Ohio.

Here are a few articles on the latest… I’ll post more as I get time.



Daily DRAWN BY FIRE – There’s only so much air we can squeeze into one bottle, and bottles can only be so big. Most of us can be in better shape to make the most of our equipment – I know I can. Get up, get out, and get in shape.
Please share the Drawn By Fire message.
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As promised, here’s my illustration created for this year’s Wyakin Warriors Foundation Guardian Ball auction. I had a blast drawing in a more realistic graphic novel style – a style that you will see more of in the coming year. The original ink drawing and this single edition color print will both be available during the auction, and are currently on their way to Boise for framing. Honored to be given an opportunity to share my talent with such an amazing organization.

If you’re going to be in the Boise area December 5th, please join us for the Guardian Ball and meet some amazing men and women who have served our country and have never let their wounds stop them from striving for a better tomorrow. Also, you’ll meet some world famous cartoonists and illustrators and have a chance to get an original drawing during one of our many drawing sessions. It’s well worth the donation to attend.

Calm In The Chaos
16×20″ Illustration