It is fourth and goal with the game clock tick, tick, ticking away. The success or failure of your next play will bring your team victorious glory or public disgrace (and these days, social media shaming). You take your positions, the ball is snapped, you run your route awaiting a precise throw from the quarterback, the ball is released and it’s coming your way, you reach out your hands and…
Football players practice endless hours on plays that can be executed to precision in key moments of every game, and every member of the the team must know their assignments for the play to be successful. Much the same can be said for fire ground operations – we must train on the every aspect of our game plan so when the time comes to run the plays, everybody knows their position and assignments. We stretch endless lines. We deploy various ground ladders. We relentlessly sharpen our search and rescue skills. We study street maps and hydrant locations so we can efficiently respond when seconds count. Why? Because we don’t always get four downs to make progress. In many cases, it’s a one-shot play – win or go home empty handed with heads held low. We train, because lives and property depend on us flawlessly knowing our game plan.
How will your game end? Will you triumphantly catch the ball or will it fall woefully incomplete?

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