Where? When? How does this end? As an artist I am inclined to see the world through a critical lens and to create works of art that reflect my mood and opinions – but some days, days like today, that becomes overwhelming.

I have always wanted to change the world with my art. I thought I could do that as a syndicated political cartoonist (visions of wearing a mismatched suede jacket and fedora, bringing down corruption and spotlighting the misuse of Gov’t power with the tip of my pen), but the work I want to create is not the work papers want to publish. So, what does an artist do when he feels he’s beating his head against a brick wall hoping for a different result than a splitting headache and hopelessness of real change? There’s where I am!

The drawing table will see my pen today! What it will draw I still don’t know, but it will draw something. But until then, I feel the need to share these cartoons from last year. Sadly, they are still relevant!



1 thought on “END THIS!

  1. Hello Paul,
    My condolences for the colleagues in the States.
    Before I went to the FD, I was a local cop for 10 years (almost 20 years ago). I hate the lack of empathy and the egoism these days. But I refuse to change my attitude and I still believe in altruism.
    I love your work and some of your drawings are against the wall in my office in the fire-station.
    I live in Belgium but your work is also relevant here.
    For me the smallest cartoon is the most important; “Never lose your enthusiasm and passion for the job”. When I have a off-day, it brings my smile back.
    Paul you make a difference with your drawings, a picture tells more then a thousand words.
    Thank you for being a syndicated political cartoonist and thanks for bucking us up.

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