DRAWING LINES: The Art Of Making A Difference – Signed Book Package
I am excited to offer my new book and 2017 Drawn By Fire calendar as a special package. You will get a signed and sketched in book (limited edition of 100), plus a signed and numbered 8×10″ print, plus a signed 2017 Drawn By Fire Calendar, for only $125.00. I am also offering signed books only options for $65. See the flyer below for more details, or as always, email me with any questions at
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Happy Veterans Day to all those who have and are serving our amazing and diverse nation. To you and your families, I say thank you. Thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up when others didn’t.

Photo taken at an Army base in Kuwait during one of many USO tours – honored to give something back and to share my gift with our warriors serving abroad.



NEW JEMS illustration for November: No Prince Charming.
Remember to get out and vote today! Many of us have issues and candidates on our local ballots that will effect our fire and EMS agencies for years to come. Make your educated voice heard – even if it means a wart or two!
JEMS – Emergency Medical Services
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