Happy 140th Anniversary, Fire Engineering Magazine!
I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to be a small part of this magazine’s distinguished and rich heritage. The men and women who have written articles within these pages are literally a collection of the most important and distinguished movers and shakers in American fire service history.
It’s interesting to note that the first issue of The National Fireman’s Journal was published the same year Ulysses S. Grant was our U.S. President (until March of 1877), Thomas Edison announced the invention of the phonograph, and the infamous Billy The Kid killed his first man. Perspective can be humbling. Much has changed in the past 140 years, and the first publishers of OUR magazine would be awed and inspired by the men and women who make up today’s fire service. I know I am!
Have we come a long way in 140 years? Yes… yes we have!
See you at FDIC!
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