The Super Bowl – the pinnacle of professional football greatness, myth and lore, where there have been some amazing athletes who can claim to be the glorious victors, or the devastated runner-up. However, one thing is for certain, whether you are the winner or loser of the BIG game – they all got there by being 100% dedicated to their craft and lead by passionate leaders! This year’s match-up puts one legendary leader known for his no-nonsense emotionless approach to perfection against an up-and-coming coach who is not afraid to show his emotions and is approachable to his players, but just as driven to success. These two coaches, and their coaching staffs, are dramatically different in their approach to leadership, but they do have one very predominant comparison – they lead! They make decisions. They act when actions are needed and allow their highly trained athletes to do their jobs. They are IN the game!

All too often in today’s fire service we find people in leadership positions who by fault of their lackluster personalities, their fear of retribution, selfish agendas, or simple apathy and unpreparedness will not lead or make meaningful decisions. They talk a good game, but when game time comes, they fall short of expectations. Sometimes this is not as much the fault of the person, but the organization who promotes inadequate people to operate important positions creating a history of failure and shortsighted goals (I’m a Lions and Browns fan – I get it!).

My question to you is, which coach will you be? Will you lead and make the tough decisions, or hide behind falsehoods and excuses. Will you point the way, or point fingers at everyone but yourself? Will you commit to excellence, or be satisfied with mediocrity?

STAY FIRED UP, and if you’re in the game, be IN the game, and lead!


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