Inspired by childhood memories of Smokey Bear calling upon all of us to prevent forest fires, and my love of nature and the tranquility it offers to all of us who choose to protect it. Guardian of the Wild is my vision of a native woodland fire fighter – ever vigilant and prepared to protect the natural home of all creatures large and small.
Order now and get the signed and numbered 16×20″ print, plus a signed 8×10″ Guardian of the Wild mini-print – all for $70.00 (plus shipping and handling).
But don’t wait – this offer will end this Friday, May 4th!
To place your order, just click the link below.
U.S. Version – ORDER HERE
For Canadian orders, please click here:
Canadian Version – ORDER HERE

1 thought on “PRINT PROMOTION

  1. Mr. Combs,
    I receive your weekly drawing through my email and second to the daily Bible verse, I look forward to seeing and reading each creation you bring out. I’m writing because of the May 4th free signed copy special I noted on this week’s post. My dilemma is your special ended the 4th but I didn’t receive the regular email until today, Monday, the 7th.
    I absolutely love your work and wish my drawing talents would have excelled to this extent when I was younger. Every time I go to our local fire expo, I long to afford your book with autograph, but each year I have to admire it and pass.
    Thank you for using what gift God has given you, it not only educates, but provides the best medicine possible, humor.
    God bless you.
    Thank you,
    Milisa Lehman


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