First Family First


by Mike and Anne Gagliano 

Firefighters form very tight bonds with each other because of the unique nature of the job.  It is a paramilitary organization of shiftwork at a firehouse where firefighters eat together, sleep together, and sometimes die together.  They put their lives in each other’s hands becoming more than mere co-workers, but family.  A brother/sisterhood, they are like-minded, enthusiastic achievers that share a calling to save lives.  Because of this, the firehouse has an almost magnetic pull that at times can be more fun, exciting and appealing than the comparative ‘dullness’ of home. If so, the scale may tip, and the first family become second. If this imbalance occurs, jealousy will mount, and a once supportive spouse may come to deeply resent the fire service.

Remember that there will come a day when every firefighter hangs their coat on the hook for the last time. What a tragedy on that day to leave the firehouse and return to an empty home. Or to relationships that are a fraction of what they could have been if the first family had remained the priority.


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Fire Engineering Magazine January editorial cartoon: Wishful Thinking.
There are no shortcuts or granted wishes in life. If you want success, in whatever you are trying to achieve, you have to earn it – everyday.
STAY FIRED UP, and get after it!
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