Darth COVID19

NEW Fire Engineering blog cartoon: Darth COVID19No point being made, just some silliness in these strange and troubled days. Remember to breathe, be tolerant, smile (even behind a mask), and stay safe out there!STAY FIRED UP, and show compassion, understanding, and love – it’s what makes US human.


Hat-tip to fellow artist and Star Wars geek, Kory Hubbell, for allowing me to have some fun at his expense. “Live long and prosper,” amigo!


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I recently attended a conference in Miami (corporate, not fire) where the industry leader/conference sponsor had a signed copy of Adam Steltzner’s The Right Kind of Crazy delivered to the hotel room of every attendee (note: the industry leader signed it, too). Great book with great leadership lessons. However, throughout that week our industry lead went on the contradict every leadership trait he was promoting with his pompous self-serving actions. So, two good things came from that experience: a free leadership book, and a cartoon lampooning the behavior of providing leadership knowledge that you do not follow, or believe you’re above.

STAY FIRED UP, and lead first by example, then by sharing your gained wisdom.

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Tito learned quickly that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that he needed to be tough to survive as a little unknown dog in a big, big world. Alone, hungry, and mad at the world, he discovered early that he could channel his anger through playing guitar – and writing angry songs with spirited lyrics. He formed Tito and Big Rage which topped the charts with their first hit Mange My Mind, and sell out stadiums around the world. Now, everyone wants a piece of Tito, and are frequently bitten for their efforts!

Title: Tito and Big Rage
Series: Rock Dogs
Print Available Soon!