I recently attended a conference in Miami (corporate, not fire) where the industry leader/conference sponsor had a signed copy of Adam Steltzner’s The Right Kind of Crazy delivered to the hotel room of every attendee (note: the industry leader signed it, too). Great book with great leadership lessons. However, throughout that week our industry lead went on the contradict every leadership trait he was promoting with his pompous self-serving actions. So, two good things came from that experience: a free leadership book, and a cartoon lampooning the behavior of providing leadership knowledge that you do not follow, or believe you’re above.

STAY FIRED UP, and lead first by example, then by sharing your gained wisdom.

Go to to see more Drawn by Fire cartoons.

2 thoughts on “SELF-SERVED

  1. I had a boss like this… took credit for everything that went right, never complimented anyone on a good stop/save (but he made damn sure he patted himself on the back! ) even though it was the troops doing all the hard work… and he pointed the flying fickle finger of blame at everyone when it did not.


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