2021 Calendars are HERE!
Opening that box of calendars each year never gets old! A huge THANK YOU to Fire Engineering Books & Videos for their continued support and another great calendar – our 10th!

Signed calendars, and a calendar/print combo, are now available from my store:https://paul-combs-studio-7.myshopify.com/collections/books

Unsigned calendars, here: https://fireengineeringbooks.com/drawn-by-fire-2021-calendar/

2 thoughts on “2021 CALENDAR

  1. Hi Paul
    My son and I are big fans of your art, absolutely love your stuff! I’ve been chasing the bell since 1994 and my son 2nd gen has just completed FF1.
    The calanders I’m sure are awesome as we can’t veiw them $88US I’m sure is a fair price but for us in South Africa it Equivelates to R1400 which ALOT. 😅Just thought I’d mention it
    Appreciate your stuff keep it up you awesome..

    We are planning a trip to the US my Uncle lives in Alexander/Washington Dc we want to visit ground zero so it would be a real privilege to be able to meet you😁

    Stay Safe


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