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NOTE: This is pre-order only. This print will not ship until after January 1st, 2020. However, each order will receive a MAD MACK 5″x7″ card via email, which can be printed and shared as a gift announcing its arrival in 2020.

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EVERYBODY’S A CRITIC (and that’s ok)


As 2020 approaches and I close out my 10th year of creating editorial cartoons for Fire Engineering Magazine, I feel incredibly grateful to be a very small part of this magazine’s 142-year journey. So many fire service icons have graced these pages with their wisdom; I don’t feel worthy, but am honored to have this platform for my voice. To all who follow my work, thank you – YOU make all this possible. Here’s to making a difference and following your passion! Now, bring on 2020… let’s do great things!



October Fire Engineering magazine cartoon: Zombie Morale.
Nothing devours a great attitude like bad morale and being surrounded by those who are offended/annoyed/intimidated by your eagerness to do great things. Don’t allow the zombies to take away your power to make a positive difference.
STAY FIRED UP, and if you can’t cure the zombies, kill them with good cheer and hard work (they hate that)!
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Don’t make a monster out of pump operations! Training, practice, and preparation will make a kitten out of that intimidating beast of gauges, levers, and intake/discharge valves.

STAY FIRED UP, and tame the beast that is fed by your insecurity and lack of training.

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– 2020 Calendars are NOW available! –

I am proud to be teaming up this year with two of the coolest cats I know – Anne and Mike Gagliano! The 2020 Calendar is twelve months of relationship advice and guidance, and some goofy cartoons, too.

The calendars always make great Christmas gifts, and unlike the exercise equipment you bought, this will be useful all year

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Also, if you want a signed copy by Mike, Anne, and me, please shoot Mike a message to get on his naughty -or-nice list (we’ll be signing 200 copies).