THE FIRE LINE: First cartoon!

5,4,3,2,1… Ready? Launch!!

Welcome to the inaugural “The Fire Line,” folks!  I’m extremely proud to introduce a fun project that will hopefully bring a grin and maybe a snort or two — this one’s just for laughs! Almost everyone is familiar with my biting editorial cartoons, but I’m often inspired to draw something just for fun. No preconceived opinion or point, “The Fire Line” is to be silly for the sake of being silly.

Why this title? In one respect, a fire line is a barrier between us and the general public – a special zone where only we operate and only we understand. It’s more than a stretch of barrier tape, it’s a firefighters only domain. These comics aren’t for everyone (though all are welcome to enjoy), they’re for you, the Brotherhood!

So, to light this candle I am throwing my very good friend Chief Billy Goldfeder under the bus! Sorry, Chief!  This cartoon was created last year and was intended to accompany the Chief’s introduction for my book “Drawn By Fire,” but was unfortunately left on the cutting board. However, in light of Chief Goldfeder’s appearance this morning on CNN’s Headline News, it has risen from the depths of cartoon purgatory. My friend, my mentor, my brother, truly is EVERYWHERE!!

…and we thank him for his dedication!


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