There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and earning promotional opportunities, but if your only goal is to step over those under your command to reach the next promotional opportunity—then kindly step aside for real leaders to assume those roles. Promotions should be multiple floors of opportunity and growth, not a ladder to the top.

STAY FIRE UP, and if you are in a command position, be in command!

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I created this cartoon three months ago, submitted it to the magazine two months ago, received the March edition in the mail five days ago, but today this cartoon has a little more gravity… again.

Please – if you need help, reach out. If you see someone hurting, reach out. Even if you suspect someone is going through a struggle, reach out. Sometimes a simple act of kindness can pull someone back from that point of no return.

March Fire Engineering Magazine editorial cartoon.



SUPER EXCITED to announce that after three months of dogged work, Sprinkles The Fire Dog 2: Making a Difference has been completed, edited, and is now in the capable hands Fire Engineering Books & Videos to complete the publishing process!

Frank Viscuso has again written an amazing story and we expect our lovable and inspiring pup to surely make a difference in this second book, and continue giving much needed decompression and quality family time, too.

Pre-orders will be available soon, and the hard copies will be launched during FDIC 2023 – Frank and I will be signing together (we’ll post dates/times closer to the event).

THANK YOU ALL, for your continued support and success of Sprinkles The Fire Dog. Here’s to Making a Difference!


NEW Fire Engineering cartoon: Loyalties

Ah, yes, we do hold fast to our loyalties…and that’s a beautiful thing! I have always loved the good-natured, age-old bantering between engine, truck, rescue, and EMS—and one should take pride in your crew and job. At the end of the day, we all know we’re on the same team working together to accomplish the task at hand, but at the kitchen table, bring it on!


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Drawn by Fire flashback from 2010.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can suck down a tank of air quickly, but I never stopped trying to improve my performance and endurance so I wouldn’t be the first bell ringing!

Never stop moving forward!

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NEW Fire Engineering Magazine cartoon for January.

Never be ashamed or discouraged to show your passion for the greatest calling known to man. Get excited when new nozzles arrive, and get even more excited to train and use them in structure fires. Know that it’s a privilege to put on that badge every morning. Feel the responsibility and pride of an engineer, because literally everything rides on you. Aspire to earn trust and respect as a leader.

As the late Hyannis Captain Tom Kenney would say, “It’s okay to love the job!”

STAY FIRED UP and show your passion!


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New series of vintage fire apparatus illustrations!

During my 28 years in the fire service my favorite job was, and still is, driving the apparatus. It’s what drew me into the fire service and I couldn’t wait to sit in the left front seat. I loved being a back-step firefighter and eventually an officer, but nothing compares to my time as a chauffeur. Like you, I just LOVE fire trucks!

So, naturally it would become a new passion of mine as an artist. I welcome you to check out the current fleet here – SO EXCITED!

As always, thank you for your support of my work!

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