NEW November Fire Engineering magazine cartoon: Blah Blah Blah!
As in politics, as in life, as in the fire service – the loudest always think they’re right! Unfortunately, they are the ones most listened to.
STAY FIRED UP, and lead with quiet confidence and competence.
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This Tuesday’s election, like ALL elections, will have a tremendous impact on local, state, and federal issues that affect your daily life, as well as fire/EMS service operations. Whether you are Right, Left, Tea Party Republican, Blue Dog Democrat, or somewhere in between, exercise your right to make a difference, and vote!

STAY FIRED UP, and if you don’t use your voice to cast a vote, don’t use it to complain about the outcomes!


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So, what happens when you start drawing a mustache and then one thing leads to another? You get IRONSIDE!
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NEW Fire Engineering​ blog cartoon: Answer Carefully.

The problem with some leaders is they assume all criticism is an attempt to discredit or insult them. Nobody likes criticism, but we can’t be so paranoid that we’d rather be ruined by praise instead of being built stronger by constructive criticism from people we trust.

STAY FIRED UP, and accept, learn, apply, and move forward.


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