Most of you know that I assist with the RIT Combat Drills H.O.T. class at FDIC, and that I am passionate about RIT training and tactics. Why? Because who else will be coming to save us when things go wrong? Take it serious, brothers and sisters, because we are the ONLY ones who can save us!

For more information about RIT training topics, here’s a link to Fire Engineering articles and videos:

If you’re attending FDIC 2016, then I invite you to take the challenge and sign up for the RIT Combat Drills H.O.T. class (Chief Jim Crawford: Lead Instructor).

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Saying thank you for the freedom and security we all enjoy is important, not just on Veterans Day, but every day. However, not all soldiers came back to the same home they left, and they are struggling with injuries and issues that most of us will never fully comprehend. Saying thank you is important, but sometimes it isn’t enough. I wish I had the answers – hoping people far smarter than me do! Perhaps these simple drawn lines will be a catalyst for conversation and action. I hope so.



Sending out a heartfelt thank you to all my brothers and sisters who not only answer the fire bell, but have also answered the call to serve our country. I am forever grateful for your service, and cherish the freedom that my family and I enjoy because of your dedication, duty to country, and honor. Thank you!