I don’t know how else to say this – we’re done! It’s over! I’m breaking up with you. I purposely packed all your hate, anger, divisiveness, lies, mistrust, and verbal abuse into tidy little boxes – they’re on the front lawn – take them when you go! You are not welcome back.


The age-old relationship between humanity and hate does not discriminate between sex, race, religion, nationality, greed or culture – because it claims them all. Sadly, this is not a relationship of necessity, but of choice – a personal choice. 

We foster this toxic relationship by turning a blind eye to its misdeeds, or worse, nurture it with our willingness to happily mistreat others for our own twisted gratification. Humanity and Hate will never truly be apart – history teaches us this with brutal honesty – but we can lessen its impact in our lives by making a personal choice to break up! Send it packing with all the putrid baggage that has been cluttering your life so you can move on to more constructive relationships.

STAY FIRED UP, and it’s time – write your breakup letter.

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