Change is inevitable, but there are those who cling to the past like a monkey with fuzzy hands grabbing a Velcro banana (get it? fuzzy, Velcro… ok, that was bad, but you get the visual). However, change brings progress, and progress is good. We need progress. Progress in gear, progress in apparatus, progress in technology, and progress in… wait for it… tactical reevaluation and a new understanding of fire behavior. I’m not saying to let go of tradition, tradition is what gives the fire service our rich and beautiful culture, but we need to be open minded when it comes to how we apply our trade. Progress and change are galloping at full speed and you only have two options; ride it or get off so someone else can.

Get off the horse if you’re going to ride it backwards!




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Another mass shooting, and more endless coverage by the cable news channels and websites. There’s a reason the networks stopped showing idiots who ran onto the field during sports events (usually nude) – stop giving them the gratification of publicity and they’ll stop seeking it. Perhaps this is too easy of a solution, but it’s worth trying – anything is worth trying to stop these cowards!



As most of you know, I have volunteered to travel the globe with the USO over the past three years to entertain the Warriors who keep us safe and free. The dedication and resolve of these men and women never ceases to amaze and inspire me… and humble me. So, on this memorial day, I want to say “thank you” to ALL our active, retired, and wounded warriors wherever you may be. And please, take a moment to remember and thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom- they are our true National treasures!



When things go wrong, too many fingers are typically pointing in every direction except the one place they should be – at you!  If you’re the problem, stop blaming others, step up, man up, fess up, and be accountable for your actions.

Besides, you’re a little old to be claiming the dog ate your homework!




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New Tribune Media syndicated cartoon – In Full Bloom. Yep, the orange cones of Spring will soon be blooming on a road near you! Roads need repairs, I know, but it’s still a bit frustrating when you’re trying to get from point A to B and you have to do the orange barrel shuffle (not to mention the idiots sharing the same stretch of asphalt) . God bless the construction workers – not sure I’d want their job and hear the insults as people drive by.

Just relax, take a breath, and enjoy the orange blossoms.


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