PFM-0434-DrawnByFire1[1]IT’S HERE! Get an early jump on the 2016 Drawn by Fire calendar – featuring Frank Viscuso’s Step Up And Lead. It’s been an honor to collaborate with Chief Viscuso on this project for what will be a year-long training aid and inspiration. Only $20, folks – secure your copy today!

Here’s the pre-order link:

…or call the PennWell Books customer service number 800-752-9764.

So Long, Old Friend


So long, old friend!

You have been my devoted travel buddy for the better part of five years now, and we’ve seen the world together. From all parts U.S., to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Kosovo, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey – we’ve captured our many travels and the interesting people we see. But, as with life, your pages are now full and it’s time to leave you behind so another book can begin to tell our story. Thanks for being there during all the airport layovers and times when this introvert needed to escape awkward conversations and uncomfortable social events. You allowed me to blend into a quiet corner and share my experiences with you without judgement or critique. I promise to open your pages from time to time and reflect on our adventures, and leave you behind so my daughter can understand what my eyes have seen and where your pages have traveled.

Thank you, old friend!