Think not being prepared won’t bite you? Think again! Never take routine calls for granted and be ready for events to change without warning. Be adaptable and mentally prepared to take rapidly changing conditions head-on!

Chief Frank Viscuso’s book Step Up and Lead is by far one of the best leadership books I’ve had the privilege of reading (twice). So much so, that I’ve asked him to collaborate with me on a project where I will take his LEADERS TEACH acronym and explore each topic as an editorial cartoon. In the coming months, L-Loyalty, E-Education, A-Adaptability, D-Determination, E-Enthusiasm, R-Reliability, S-Selfless, T-Tough, E-Empathetic, A-Assertive, C-Courageous, H-Honorable, will be represented visually and shared here on my Fire Engineer blog along with Chief Viscuso’s insight.

From DC Frank Viscuso: ADAPTABLE

Definition: Being adaptable means you are able to quickly adjust to rapidly changing conditions. This trait is paramount for all firefighters because situations escalate quickly on the fire ground. A “routine” fire can turn into a life-threatening situation in seconds, which is why there is no such thing as a “routine” fire. Your ability to evaluate and revise your strategies on the fly is imperative.

Suggestions for Improvement: Again, never stop educating yourself. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to react and adjust. Practice being proactive, not reactive. The more capable you are at seeing problems before they happen, the more effective you will be as a firefighter

* This illustration is part of the LEADERS TEACH series featured in Chapter two of the book Step Up and Lead by Frank Viscuso. Leaders Teach is an acronym designed to help firefighters remember the top traits associated with leadership in the fire service. For more information visit www.frankviscuso.com .

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Toon Appétit Cookbook – cartoons and food!!!!!!

Hey, gang – if you’re looking for some really fun and delicious recipes, then check out the National Cartoonists Society’s (Great Lakes Chapter) cookbook! I have included some classic firehouse recipes and fire cartoons, along with other great choices by some very talented and funny cartoonists. This book is packed with cartoons and food – what could be better?!!

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