This Christmas, take time to appreciate all those who have put the COVID-19 burden and fight on their shoulders and continue to battle on so we can march to a post-pandemic future – a return to some sort of new normalcy. They truly are the heroes of 2020!

STAY FIRED UP, and reflect on the good and positive.

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This past year has taught us much… especially about new ways to occupy our time during quarantines and curfews. I’m not judging, but some have taken this to new and adventurous extremes. Live and let live… but keep an an extra set of keys around.

May 2021 prove to be less adventurous and a tad more normal!

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We all have that one person, that one firehouse clown who keeps us all laughing, if not a little annoyed – at least I hope you do! In these days of COVID-19, social turmoil, political buffoonery, and angst over just abut everything, we need our clowns to show us that there is something to smile about – to laugh about. We could all use a lesson in meaningful brevity, humility, compassion, understanding, tolerance, reflection, and humor: May the firehouse clowns lead the way!

STAY FIRED UP, and smile!

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