There is a lot of derisive talk these days about appropriate aggressive tactics and when to use them… or not to use them… and quite a few people are making a name for themselves preaching the extremes on both sides of the banter. “Believe and act the way I do or you’re a coward,” or “science and risk aversion is the only true way of the fire service!”  The pendulum swings to the extreme far right and left, and common sense is somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately there is so much divisive chatter going on that it feels as if common sense is an ugly four-armed green-headed alien stepchild. The simple truth is the vast majority of firefighters and chief officers know the limitations of their manpower, training, and equipment to make the appropriate strategic calls regardless of all the Monday morning chiefs, keyboard warriors, and self-promoting mavens out there. Saves are being made and fires are being extinguished every single day around this country – all without the help of the experts.

Perhaps we should all just take a step back and heed the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka from the movie Stripes, “Lighten up, Francis!”


Funky Funk!


What do you do when you’re deep in the canyon of all creative funks? You rearrange and clean every inch of your studio so you can get a new start in the morning!
Fresh sheet of paper on the drawing table and my music list has been selected. Fingers (and pens) crossed!