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Paul is a classically trained artist, award-winning illustrator, and firefighter/EMT. That’s right, this unlikely combination has made Paul one of the most compelling and distinctive illustrators in America today. Paul burst onto the scene with a refreshing new style that married classical realism, manic energy, and a zany imagination for caricature. His lavishly detailed illustrations are published worldwide in newspapers, magazines (print and online), and books. His politically charged editorial cartoons are syndicated world-wide by Tribune Media Services/Tribune Content Agency. In conjunction with his career as an illustrator, Paul is a 25-year veteran of the fire service where he is a Firefighter II, NREMT, HazMat Technician, and Instructor for the City of Bryan Fire Training Academy. See more work at: www.artstudioseven.com

The Tragedy Profiteer

Profiting from the tragedy of others is wrong – I do not do it, and will not support any company that does! If you choose to partake in collectables and memorabilia, please at least verify that ALL the net proceeds go to charity. No one should EVER make a cent from the sacrifice that others, and their families, make.


July 4th print offer begins today!

For the Love of the Fight – American Spirit, plus 2 FREE prints if ordered by July 4th. Only 50 signed and numbered prints left!!!

American Spirit
16×20 Signed/Numbered
$85.00, plus S&H (prints double boxed and shipped flat)


Need a better way to engage your employees and enhance your safety and health initiatives? Add art – it works!

Look forward to starting the conversation.

NEW occupational safety illustrations added to my website portfolio.
Website: https://paulcombsart.com/safety-illustration

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