Those who know me know that I’m a private person who shares very little about my personal life. To be honest, I just don’t find myself all that interesting!

However, beginning tomorrow there’s a very important St. Jude auction of original artwork that I’d love your help with, so I’ll reach into my past to share a little context about my artistic contribution.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a very special place for me and my family. In 1985 my little brother was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. After months of operations and treatments at St. Jude, he peacefully succumb to his illness hours after founder Danny Thomas had visited his room to say a heartfelt prayer. The staff and doctors tried everything to save him, and their passion and compassion was never lost on me.

I have lost my grandfather, mother, brother, and countless friends and mentors to this insidious disease!

My childhood hero was (is) Captain America. His sense of fairness, duty, honor, and hatred of bullies appealed to my nature to protect others, even as a child. My mom would safety pin a star to my t-shirts and I would paint a metal trashcan lid to emulate Capt’s shield, and off to the backyard I would go to conquer whatever evil persisted in my life at that time. I was relentless and victorious every time – which typically ended in a treat once I returned to the kitchen after a few hours of conquests! So, it felt natural to portray my young hero as my go-to conqueror of all things evil – and cancer IS beyond evil! He is the embodiment of me, my childhood hero, my little brother, and all those little heroes battling everyday!


If you would like to own this 11×14″ original, or artwork drawn by any of the other phenomenal The National Cartoonists Society artists who are participating in this auction, click the link below. You will get some great art, and our young heroes will get more than a painted shield to knock out cancer.

Help if you can! If not, please share this post to help us spread the word. Auction link – bidding begins tomorrow: https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/paul-combs-captain-america-illustration-original-art-2021-/p/322144-50053.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515


The Tragedy Profiteer

Profiting from the tragedy of others is wrong – I do not do it, and will not support any company that does! If you choose to partake in collectables and memorabilia, please at least verify that ALL the net proceeds go to charity. No one should EVER make a cent from the sacrifice that others, and their families, make.


July 4th print offer begins today!

For the Love of the Fight – American Spirit, plus 2 FREE prints if ordered by July 4th. Only 50 signed and numbered prints left!!!

American Spirit
16×20 Signed/Numbered
$85.00, plus S&H (prints double boxed and shipped flat)


Need a better way to engage your employees and enhance your safety and health initiatives? Add art – it works!

Look forward to starting the conversation.

NEW occupational safety illustrations added to my website portfolio.
Website: https://paulcombsart.com/safety-illustration

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